Colleen’s Soulful Sunday – Live In The Grey

I am loving hard on some positive sites these days. I want to take Sunday’s to reflect and highlight my personal favs and would love to hear of some of yours as well.

Check out Live in the Grey: “A resource to help you do what you love.”

It really is a nice breath of fresh, clean air when I tune into LITG. Great quotes, inspiring stories, warm & fuzzies, and an overall push to be the best version of myself. It’s kind of like the perfect boyfriend in website form.

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Tomorrow they are launching a¬†10-day “risk makes life remarkable” challenge! Not only am I excited, I am also kind of nervous. I have no idea what type of challenges they will be but, why not? Life begins outside of your comfort zone, right?

What would be one challenge you know you would not be comfortable with? I have a few in mind.

So follow along as I challenge myself and share with you. If you have favorite go-to Soul-Ful sights you love, please share!

Sunday Night Blues

They are a thing. Yes, an actual thing. Who would have thought that this overwhelming feeling is something that others face? They (read: Wikipedia) define it as a depression brought on by anxiety, specifically for a 9to5 worker or someone in school.

It’s so weird that I don’t work 9to5 but I still have this feeling. Sometimes I transport myself in my mind back to the days when I was younger and I thought going to bed on Sunday meant missing fun things like Law & Order, my mom making popcorn, really anything because I didn’t want to go to bed and have the weekend end. Now, knowing this is an actual things, doesn’t really make me feel any better that I battle with it, and after over 30 years you would think I could get a handle on it. Emotions are so weird.

Do you have emotions set in on certain days? Do you have tips to fight Sunday Blues?

Finding My Niche

As I begin my actual journey of blogging, the one thing weighing on my mind (and probably a reason it took me so long to start a personal blog) is choosing my niche.

I have had a sports blog in the past (obvious niche) and I am part of the Central Florida Lady Bloggers thanks to that blog as well as a work blog via Yelp. However, this is a whole new world. There are articles that suggest choosing something you are passionate about (running, parenting, etc.) and appealing to a certain audience, but I really have no idea where to start.

So, where to begin? I am going to take you on my journey of choosing a niche.

What I currently love and am passionate about that I may dive into:

My puppies
Women in Media
Connecting People
Community Management
Self Discovery

This is a small list and a beginning, I am just going to write what is on my mind and will track to see which topics arise most often and possibly from there, I will discover my niche. I may tell stories, I may give advice, who knows. No matter the route, I hope some people join me on this fun journey!

Do you blog? Do you have a certain niche? Do you have any advice for me starting this blog?

2014 Words

Yep, it’s 2014 and I am about to actually start my own blog. Who would have thought? Another place for Colleen Burns to voice her opinions. YAY!

For the past three years, instead of choosing New Years Resolutions, I am choosing three words to implement into my life. Thanks to Chris Brogan for introducing me to this and truly being a mentor in life and business.

I began in 2012 with Calm, Challenge and Aware. Last year, 2013 was Follow Through, Accountability and Bold.

For 2014 I really want to dive into myself. I want to discover my needs, what makes me happy and why I live the way I live. I have decided to go with the following three to encompass these goals personally and professionally.


Awake – I want to be present and in the moment, no matter the situation.

Insight – I want to understand why and how and really dive into the cause and effect of the things I touch.

Quality – I have always been quality over quantity but sometimes, if it’s not a key goal, it can get overlooked. This year, everything is about quality. Communication. Output. Love. Friends. Everything.

What would you choose for your three words?

Do you have something you implement each year?